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Indoor Air Quality (IAQ): Indoor air pollutants are all around us everyday, even in our homes. Exposure to biological pollutants, chemicals, gasses, or other pollutants is a lot more common than you may think. Pollutants like fungi, bacteria, dust mites, silica dusts, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, formaldehyde and many more can affect your health or the health of your children. For most pollutants, there are no standards for indoor air quality (IAQ) in environments such as homes, schools, office buildings. With the absence of absolute standards, it takes an experienced professional who understands the multitude of hazards, knows what to test for and how to interpret the lab analysis, and can provide solutions to improving the air you breathe. Testing for Indoor Air Quality is not always simple, but with Geller Environmental’s extensive background and experience we will: Listen to your concerns and offer guidance. Develop a well-planned inspection. Perform the appropriate sampling based upon your case. Interpret the laboratory analysis and provide you with an honest and comprehensive assessment.