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Lead Services: There have been many changes in Federal and State legislation, and work practices with regard to the different aspects of lead-based paint. Geller Environmental Labs, Inc. has been a leader in understanding the ever changing rules and regulations regarding lead. Our team of licensed lead inspectors and risk assessors will provide professional lead inspection services using the latest technology with emphasis on health, safety, and cost effectiveness. The quality or our services are proven through our team's thorough knowledge of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) guidelines, applicable OSHA and EPA regulations, as well as their extensive experience in the lead industry. Geller Environmental performs: Lead-Based Paint Inspections using an X-ray Flourescent (XRF) Spectrum Analyzer. Lead-Based Paint Risk Assessments to determine if lead- based painted structures pose a risk and determine the actions necessary to reduce those risks. Post-Lead Abatement Dust Wipe Sampling to ensure all clearance criteria has been met. Water testing to determine lead levels in the water in homes, schools, and elsewhere. Soil testing to determine if lead paint from the exterior of homes or buildings is contaminating the soils.