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Mold Services: Our mission is to aid homeowners or prospective homeowners, property managers, Realtors, facility managers, and others by not only conducting mold inspections, but also informing them of potential dangers and hazards within their homes or buildings. Dedicated to raising professional standards and establishing ethics among mold inspectors, we provide only the best service and care for you and your client. As mold is found everywhere, only a professionally trained inspector can determine if the mold levels in your home or business are “normal”... or if professional mold remediation work is needed. Our certified mold inspectors have both the practical field experience, and the up-to-date training on current guidelines to insure your structures meet safe, healthy standards. In addition, we believe that a company that is “independent” of the remediation process should only perform mold testing. This assures the inspection will be unbiased. Geller Environmental Labs neither performs mold remediation services nor is affiliated with any mold remediation professionals. We are TRULY independent. CERTIFICATION As professional mold inspectors, we back our work with our stellar reputation, years of experience, and qualifications. Certified through the Professional Mold Inspection Institute, we were able to learn important techniques, sampling procedures and on the job situations. We also abide by the standards and code of ethics set forth by the National Association of Mold Remediators and Inspectors (NAMRI).